Daily Outdoor 2015 Gear of the Year Sleep

Daily Outdoor: 2015 Gear of the Year – Sleep

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Nick and Clint announced the best gear in the sleep category starting with the Big Agnes: Chimney Creek 4 mtnGLO tent with built in LED lights. We love this tent because these built in lights are so tiny and consume so little power that you hardly notice them. Next up is the Disc-O-Bed: Kid-O-Bunk. We awarded them last year with the gear of the year for their original bunk bed cot system, but now they have a version for kids that can handle up to 200 lbs. Nick then praised the Lawson Hammock for the sweet hammock, tent hybrid that will keep you off the ground and dry from any rain when you’re out camping. The final award in the 2015 Gear of the Year Sleep category is the Teton Sports: Tracker +5℉ Double-Wide Sleeping Bag for its comfort and the ability to sleep two people with room to spare. Next up is the Gadgets category.

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