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5 Best Winter Boots For Men

5 Best Winter Boots For Men While our calendars still tell us ...

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Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit: Review

The Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit gets it right. I’ve tested ...

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The GCI Outdoor Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger: Review

Zero gravity loungers have been around for a while now. They’re meant ...

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what to look for in a winter parka

What to Look for in a Winter Parka

What to Look for in a Winter Parka As the first autumn ...

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bandicoot headlamp

The Tremendous Two Ounce Bandicoot Headlamp

Knog is a neat little company based in Melbourne that makes a ...

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msr trailshot water filter

The MSR Trailshot Water Filter Is Ultralight And Effective

There’s a lot to love about the MSR Trailshot. It seems that ...

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best multi-tools for camping

Best Multi-Tools For Camping

Best Multi-Tools For Camping Few camping tools are as useful as the ...

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GCI Outdoor master cook station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station: Review

The GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station is every camp cook’s dream come ...

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Camping Tips

first time fishing tips

First Time Fishing Tips To Get Your Kids Hooked!

One of our favorite things to do is introduce people to fishing. ...

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10 Do’s And Don’ts For First Boating Adventures

 At 50 Campfires, we believe in getting them started young when it ...

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what do the numbers on binoculars mean

What Do the Numbers on Binoculars Mean?

What Do the Numbers on Binoculars Mean? If you’re shopping for binoculars, ...

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how to choose binoculars

How to Choose Binoculars For Outdoor Adventures

How to Choose Binoculars A good pair of binoculars should be part ...

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do I need a bear canister

Do I Need a Bear Canister?

Do I need a bear canister? That’s a good question. When you’re ...

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gps apps for hiking

The Best GPS Apps For Hiking – Pros And Cons

Best GPS Apps For Hiking As recently as the turn of this ...

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can camping stoves be used indoors

Can Camping Stoves Be Used Indoors?

Can Camping Stoves Be Used Indoors? A camp stove is a near-necessity ...

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Are Camping Cots Worth It?

Are camping cots worth it? Camping cots have been around for as ...

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Camp Cooking

10 Favorite Vegetarian Camping Recipes

“Why don’t you give us more vegetarian recipes?” is one of the ...

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stuffed pumpkin sliced in half to reveal layers.

Stuffed Pumpkin Done Picture Perfect

This is a bold side dish, but the end result is a ...

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Door County Cherry and Cucumber Salad

This is a light, quick salad that makes the most of the ...

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Door County Fish Boil for Two

The traditional Door County Fish Boil is a tourist spectacle that turns ...

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Smoked Fish Spread With A Horseradish Bite

This smoked fish spread is sure to please! Most anywhere you go ...

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Cudighi sandwich

The Cudighi Sandwich : An Upper Michigan Classic

Even after hearing it, we’re not sure how to pronounce it either, ...

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Johnsonville Spicy Black Pepper Brats

The brats themselves are traditional, but this topping offers a twist … ...

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Dutch Oven Sausage And Pancake Bake

Johnsonville makes more than just brats. Their breakfast sausages are a camping ...

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