7 tips for packing a cooler

7 Tips For Packing A Cooler

When we head out for a weekend outdoors, planning goes into everything. We want to try and make the best of the limited time we have outdoors. We plan the weekend out in advance and plan everything we need to bring. We plan everything we need for the cooler, but never plan out how we should pack it. Just throw everything that needs to be cold in the cooler and throw ice on it? Wrong! I will show you the art of packing your cooler.

How to pack your cooler

How to pack your cooler

7 Tips For Packing A Cooler

1. Start with a clean cooler. No one wants food packed into a dirty cooler. Simply wash it out with soap and water.

2. Cool everything before you put them into the cooler. Freeze your water and meat products before you head out. Freezing helps keep water cold and keeps food from spoiling while adding additional ice to keep everything cold.

3. Add cans and bottles to the bottom of the cooler so they stay cold for as long as possible. A warm beverage on a hot summer day is not ideal.

4. Add ice on top of the bottom layer and shake the cooler so ice falls in between all the items.

5. Use water-tight plastic containers to store food items. Use the appropriate size for the choice of food.

6. Store food in bags as the top layer on top of the packed ice.

7. Pack the entire cooler as full as you can so no warm air slips in. If you end up with extra room, we suggest more beer and hotdogs as a cooler filler.