50 Campfires – Campfire Sessions : The Stump Mutts [VIDEO]

Not too long ago we had a Campfire Session at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins Colorado. They were among the finest folks we’d ever met and they told us to drop into their other brewery in North Carolina if we were in the area. Would you know it – a few months pass and that’s exactly where we found ourselves. We gave them a ring and once again, they were more than happy to let us hang out around a fire and film a band. That band was The Stump Mutts.
This was no ordinary campfire session. The Stump Mutts are usually rocking pretty darn hard on stage. They’re an indie rock group, with hard driving vocals and guitar riffs that could cut you in half. They said they had done an acoustic set before, and when they set up and got started, it was clear that they had. The sounds were smooth and well balanced, and Neal Ward’s voice sounded great against an acoustic rhythm section. We think you’ll agree.
The New Belgium Brewery in Asheville, NC is impressive, to say the least. They are employee owned, just like the Fort Collins location. This creates a community that stands out from other breweries. They’re just a little more proud, and act a little more like a family than most breweries we’ve been to. There is a strong focus on the environmental impact that we love. They divert 99% of their waste, and they do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. The campus is sprawling, and is full of dogs and kids running all over. It’s the kind of place you could spend an entire afternoon. In fact, that’s just what we did. If you’re every rolling through Asheville, NC be sure to stop in for a bite and a pint at New Belgium.