17 Reasons You Need Good Lighting When Camping

It’s fun to debate camping essentials. Everyone has their own opinions of what gear is the most important. Knives. Fire starters. Coolers. Sleeping pads. Each has its champions.

But based on the gear we use the most on our field trips, one category the entire 50 Campfires team can get behind is good, reliable light. Headlamps. Pocket lights. Lanterns. Flashlights. They all have a place because two things you can count on when you’re camping are … 1) every day is going to have a night, and 2) it’s going to get dark at night.

On the Lake Michigan Shores Field Trip, we used our COAST lights every night both for fun and for function. Here are just a few ways we used them:

  1. Night hiking
  2. Gathering tinder
  3. Setting camp
  4. Marking hazards
  5. Splitting firewood
  6. Disc games
  7. Hanging out
  8. Cooking supper
  9. Getting the steaks just right
  10. Getting the hot dogs just right
  11. Eating supper
  12. Setting the mood
  13. Making the popcorn
  14. Scary stories
  15. Tuck in time
  16. Midnight snacking
  17. Trips to the outhouse