Map Of The 16 Best Sleigh Rides In Michigan

16 Incredible Sleigh Rides In Michigan!

Michigan is a magical place for sleigh rides! From the UP, down through northern Michigan, and all the way down to the Southwest – you’ll find farms that look forward to pulling friends and family on authentic sleighs all winter long. Looking a ride near Kalamozoo? Give Bittersweet Acres a call! Their sleigh rides include the use of a party room where they serve hot chocolate and cookies. If you live in Traverse City you can try either Antler Ridge Farms or Ranch Rudolph. Both offer some of the finest sleigh rides in Michigan. If you’re all the way up the Eastern UP make sure you lookup Winterwind Farm or Barber Road Stables.

Looks like your map has all of the best sleigh rides in Michigan – what should I bring on the ride?

Good question! Make sure you throw a few blankets in the car in case they don’t have them or there aren’t enough to go around. Don’t forget your camera! These days most people use their phones, so it’s a good idea to put it in a plastic bag to keep it nice and dry. Dress in layers and make sure your outer layer is a windbreaker so you’re nice and warm. A thermos of hot cider is also a nice addition for those rides that might be longer.

With 16 sleigh rides in Michigan to choose from we just know you’ll find the perfect one for you and your family! It’s a memory they’ll never forget!