15 Stunning Vintage Spartan Trailers Advertisements

If you’re anything like us, you love taking a look back into the early days of RV and trailer camping. One of the standouts for us, are definitely the Vintage Spartan Trailers. When William G. Skelly purchased the struggling Mid-Continent Aircraft Manufacturing Company of Tulast in 1928, it was unlikely that he had a vision for what his personal airplane company would become just a few short decades later.

Following the end of World War II, Spartan decided to take its sights off the skies – and focus on the growing number of recreational campers popping up around the country with a taste for exploration. While they recognized the future of the camper and RV markets in the United States, the overlooked their price point. With Spartan Trailers clocking in at prices up to $4,000, it’s no wonder the company couldn’t survive.

While many of us would gladly shell out $4,000 today for a Vintage Spartan Trailer – the average home cost in the US at the same time was about $8,000 – making them extremely expensive, and a purchase that only the most wealthy Americans could afford.

We decided to show our appreciation for Vintage Spartan Trailers by showing where they came from in this series of Vintage Spartan Trailer advertisements. We hope you enjoy!

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