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10 Brilliant Camping Tips From Reddit Users

I came across this great thread on Reddit the other day about camping tips and tricks and found a lot of great advice. I put together some of the most brilliant camping tips here. Hope you find them to be helpful!

camping tips

Camping Tip #1

This is probably the most overlooked camping tips out there. Many lives would have been saved if had known when to expect the hikers/campers to return. Pro tip: The DeLorme inReach GPS can send texts via GPS, so you can still communicate even if your phone dies or has no signal.

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Camping Tip #2

image credit: Tiefkuehlfan

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Camping Tip #3

image credit: Dirk Beyer
Two logs isn’t enough. Seven logs never seems to be enough. When you’re hanging around the fire telling stories late into the night you need a big, warm fire. Btw, we’ve tried a lot of firestarters, and these ones are still our favorite. Pro tip: It’s a really cool move to leave fire there for the next group too.

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Camping Tip #4

image credit: Evan Amos
If I had to take one thing camping with me I’d seriously consider taking a headlamp. They make the dark fun. Everywhere you look – BAM – light. Pro tips: Get one with a red mode so you don’t annoy everyone around the picnic table. Also, be a nice guy and pick up a few cheap ones for your friends that weren’t smart enough to bring one.

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Camping Tip #5

image credit: Stéphane Magnenat
If you cover the embers up with sand on a beach you’re basically setting a trap for either someone else in your party or even the next group of campers. Coals can stay hot for a looooong time under the sand. “Hey let’s play frisbee over here! Umm…I need to go to the hospital. My foot just melted.” Not fun. Drench the fire with water.

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Camping Tip #6

Pro tip:To avoid burning the potatoes put lemon slices on the bottom of the foil. Oh – use extra thick foil too. This is one of those camping tips that will completely change your approach for the better.

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Camping Tip #7

There are a lot of reasons that you should toss 100ft of paracord in your camp box. From hanging your food to bearproof it, to making a clothesline, you’ll be glad you grabbed it.

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Camping Tip #8

Cotton takes forever to dry. If you get wet and the temperature is even a little cool you’re going to get very uncomfortable. Wool will dry faster and keep you warm even when it’s wet. Investing in merino wool is well worth it.

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Camping Tip #9

This helps all of us out in a variety of ways. It gives campers a good name, leaves you in good standing with the campground, and puts a smile on the next campers face. Someone else will have that same excitement and sense of newness that you did when you arrived. Make sure they get started in a nice clean space too.

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Camping Tip #10

This one is really helpful if you live in the city. You get used to the background noise of cars, planes and the like. If you go from that to dead quiet it can be hard to sleep. Pro tip: if you’re not by a stream you can always download a white noise app on your phone.

Any camping tips you’d like to add?