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How To Add A Cooler Seal

Because inexpensive coolers seldom have rubber seals between the top edge and the lid, you might want to add a cooler seal. You can make one for next to nothing with some foamy double stick mounting tape. Use the super ...

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How To Make A Grippy Bottom Cooler

When you throw a normal cooler into the bed of a pickup truck or on the wet deck of a boat, it slides all over the place. It gets banged up and wrecks stuff around it. Heaven forbid, you should ...

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The expensive rotomolded coolers offer accessories like built-in bottle openers. Is that worth paying for? We simply zip tie an old-fashioned church key to the cooler’s handle. Total cost: a buck — MAX. Always having a bottle-opener at the ready: ...

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World’s Most Important Cooler Hack

The best thing you can do to preserve ice and keep everything colder is put an added layer of insulation at the top. A couple of custom cut pieces of foam insulation work well, but even better is a flexible ...

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