Camping Tips

You Don’t Get Poison Ivy Because It’s On Your Skin…

rub off poison ivy

You get it because you don’t know how to get it off of your skin. Let’s back up a bit. You’ve probably all had poison ivy at least once. You’re out in the woods having a great time. You get ...

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Beginner’s Tips For River Fishing


There’s nothing quite like camping near water. I love going to bed listening to gentle waves lap the nearby shoreline or hearing current sliding by. It’s even better when these waters hold fish, especially when camping with kids. My favorite ...

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Randy P. Martin Captures the Wild

Randy P. Martin Captures the Wild

Randy P. Martin’s early memories of photography center around his grandmother’s Polaroid camera. “It was like magic for me,” said Martin, but without a camera of his own, it wasn’t until much later that Martin would begin to seriously shoot. ...

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Temperature Dips: How to Handle Life Outdoors in the Frost


For some outdoor enthusiasts, the end of summer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of enjoying the outdoors. If you’re one of the outdoor lovers who won’t let the cold stand in your way, here are a few tips on how ...

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The Campers Guide to the Zika Virus

Zika Virus

Active outdoor folks have a reason to turn up the TV when something like the Zika Virus pops up on the news. They spend a lot of time outdoors and up until now, weren’t too concerned about a mosquito bite ...

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What You Need to Know About Snow and Ice

Ice Thickness

Stuff Gramps Should Have Taught You It’s long been thought that the notion of Eskimos having 50 different words for snow was an urban – or in this case, an arctic – legend, but more recent research has shown it’s ...

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How To Waterproof Leather Boots

how to waterproof boots cover

There is nothing worse in the woods than wet feet. Wait, getting eaten by a bear is worse, but #2 is having wet feet in cold weather. It can cut a wonderful day in the woods short, leaving you absolutely ...

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4 Essential Camping Knots

camping knots

Knot tying is a lost art form, due in part to bungee cords, ratchet straps, and other devices that allow you to secure a rope without actually tying a knot. While those devices certainly have their place (especially ratchet straps), ...

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The 10 Most Overlooked Camping Items

10 overlooked camping items

You’re familiar with the essentials. You need a tent, sleeping bag, stove, bug spray, etc. But there is this other category of camping gear that, while not absolutely necessary, is really nice to have. It’s that feeling you have when ...

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60 Ways to Get Out and Do More


Over the past few years, the 50 Campfires team has developed a mantra that we grow to believe in more and more each day, based in the idea that whatever gets you outside is good! That’s why we’re bringing you ...

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