Camping Tips

Store Your Utensils In A Pencil Box

Most of us who camp regularly have a box in the basement with all of our camping gear in it. This makes it easy to take off for a weekend and know that what you need is with you. Although ...

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How To Start A Fire With A Pencil Sharpener

Everyone should learn how to start a fire with a pencil sharpener. We all know, when you’re starting a fire – tinder is key. Great tinder burns easily, and if you’re lucky, is easy to source. Carrying a pencil sharpener will allow ...

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Collapsible Laundry Baskets Make Great Trash Cans

Dealing with trash at a campsite can get out of control – especially if you have a large group. Campsites don’t often have a trash can, so you end up hooking the bag to whatever you can find. Collapsible laundry baskets make ...

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The Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box Is Affordable And Keeps Your Knives Razor Sharp

Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box

The Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box is a great addition to your camp box. It’s only $14 on Amazon and works great everything from pocket knives to fillet knives.

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DIY Water Station For Camping

Creating a water station for camping makes the whole weekend run a little smoother. It’s easier to wash your hands as well as dishes. This DIY water station for camping is easy to set up and helps to keep the ...

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Using Contractor Bags As Homemade Dry Bags, Ponchos, And More…

using contractor bags

At a campsite regular garbage bags are good for one thing – a small amount of garbage. Campsites often have sticks and rocks that will easily rip holes in thin bags. You should be using contractor bags. As in 3 ml thick contractor bags. ...

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8 Tricks To Stay Warm All Winter

I hate being cold. Like, I really hate it. So, it’s a good thing that I’ve figured out how to never be cold – ever. I grew up in International Falls, MN and now live in Minneapolis, MN. There’s a big, nasty ...

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Tip For Tent Safety – Put Tinfoil on Tent Guylines

Admit it, you have walked out of your tent, turned and tripped over the guyline coming off the fly of the tent. After a few choice words, you probably looked for something to put on it so you would notice ...

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How Do I Build A Campfire?

How To Build A Campfire

In today’s video I’m answering the question, “How Do I Build A Campfire?” Don’t feel bad if you’re not exactly sure how to do it. You’d be surprised at how many avid outdoorsmen fail when trying to build a campfire. Why? ...

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Here’s A Low Tech Way To Communicate At The Campsite

When camping it is easy to forget all of the things we take for granted at our home. Something as simple as a note or way to communicate through a quick message can be difficult at your campsite. The same ...

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