Camping Tips

How To Clean Cast Iron Without Water

cleaning cast iron without water

Learning how to clean cast iron without water comes in handy not just at a campsite, but at home as well. It’s easier and faster than any other method I’ve found. Of course, this doesn’t work in every situation. If I’m cooking ...

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The Best GPS App For iPhone

Best GPS App For iPhone

I’ve probably tried ten different GPS apps for my iPhone and I always come back to Topo Maps (no affiliation). I’ve used it for about four years now in a wide variety of situations and it has never let me down. ...

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11 Fun Winter Activities For Stir Crazy Kids!

winter-activities-for kids

Lets be real. Kids love winter. The snow, sledding, hot chocolate, and licking metal flag poles. Your kids are getting a little stir-crazy and you are looking for some fun winter activities that are both in AND outdoor to keep ...

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Baby Wipes Are Great To Have At Your Campsite

Baby wipes are great to have at your campsite. Put them right on the picnic table for easy access. You can clean anything with them (including yourself) and they’re cheap. Grab a box before you head to the campsite next ...

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Wrap Your Lighter In Duct Tape

Two things you should always have at the campsite are a lighter and duct tape. Because you’re always looking to save space, you can wrap some duct tape around your lighter, and you’ll always have a some handy. When you’re out ...

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Store Your Utensils In A Pencil Box

Most of us who camp regularly have a box in the basement with all of our camping gear in it. This makes it easy to take off for a weekend and know that what you need is with you. Although ...

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How To Start A Fire With A Pencil Sharpener

Everyone should learn how to start a fire with a pencil sharpener. We all know, when you’re starting a fire – tinder is key. Great tinder burns easily, and if you’re lucky, is easy to source. Carrying a pencil sharpener will allow ...

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Collapsible Laundry Baskets Make Great Trash Cans

Dealing with trash at a campsite can get out of control – especially if you have a large group. Campsites don’t often have a trash can, so you end up hooking the bag to whatever you can find. Collapsible laundry baskets make ...

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The Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box Is Affordable And Keeps Your Knives Razor Sharp

Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box

The Lansky 4 Rod Turn Box is a great addition to your camp box. It’s only $14 on Amazon and works great everything from pocket knives to fillet knives.

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DIY Water Station For Camping

Creating a water station for camping makes the whole weekend run a little smoother. It’s easier to wash your hands as well as dishes. This DIY water station for camping is easy to set up and helps to keep the ...

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