Camping Tips

7 Tips For Packing A Cooler

7 tips for packing a cooler

When we head out for a weekend outdoors, planning goes into everything. We want to try and make the best of the limited time we have outdoors. We plan the weekend out in advance and plan everything we need to ...

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DIY Homemade Citronella Oil Lamp to Keep Away Insects

homemade citronella lamp

Citronella oil is one of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). Citronella oil can be used to make soap, candles and incense, perfumery and cosmetic agents. More importantly for campers, it ...

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15 Photos That Prove Stacking Wood Is An Art Form

If you camped a lot or had a wood burning stove or fireplace you understand that finding and stacking firewood is a job. A tough job. One wrong move and the whole stack of wood that you’ve worked hours on ...

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5 Features Your Next Pair of Sunglasses Should Have

We have all heard about the benefits of sun protection and what being out in the sun for a long period unprotected can do to a person. Most of this education has come from our parents telling us to put ...

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DIY Camp Kitchen With Working Sink

camp kitchen

How cool is this camp kitchen? We’ve all seen these cheap garage shelves before but probably never thought to cut a hole for a plastic bin to make a camp kitchen! The user vik-king posted this project over at If ...

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Submit Your Camping Tips and Tricks

If you are an avid camper with a camping background of many years or if you are just getting started in the wonderful world of camping, you are definitely in luck with us here at 50 Campfires. At 50 Campfires, ...

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3 Rules For Cooking The Perfect Steak

perfect steak

This is how much swagger a perfect steak has   If you follow these three rules you can get there every time. 1. Leave It Out For 30 Minutes Before Cooking You’re going to have a hard time getting it to cook evenly if ...

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Introduction To Car Camping

If you’ve stumbled across this article it probably means that you’re thinking about going camping. First time campers have a lot of questions like: “Will I like it?” “Where should I go?” “What will I need?” And perhaps most importantly… ...

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7 Tips To Become A Campfire Cooking Master

If it is good over a campfire it is automatically the best food you have ever tasted. There is really no comparison and no way to imitate it. Cooking on an open flame outdoors just gives food that smokey, charred, ...

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DIY Floating Keychain

wine cork keychain

Check out this cool little keychain that Sarah Lipoff posted over at Popsugar. Can you think of an easier, cheaper floating keychain than an eye screw and a wine cork? I sure can’t. This is about as basic as it ...

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