Camping Tips

Keeping A Flexible Cutting Board In Your Camp Box

flexible cutting board

This may sound like a boring tip to switch from your ordinary sturdy cutting board to a flexible cutting board to keep in your camp box, but it has saved us space and we like saving space in the camp ...

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11 Tips for Dispersed Camping on State Forest Lands

tips fo dispersed camping

With tens of millions of acres of state forest land spread across the country, it’s almost a sure thing there’s some very near to your home. Throwing a minimal amount of gear in the car and heading out for a ...

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Renting an RV: 9 Questions You Must Always Ask

renting an rv

Renting an RV for a summer road trip can seem like a daunting task. With so many options, places to rent, models of RV’s, sizes, styles, etc. —it can be tough to know where to start. To have the best ...

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4 Outdoor Yard Games For Kids

You may feel as though the days of kids playing outside in the sunshine and fresh air have been lost in a sea of video game controllers and television screens. If so, take heart! When you guide your kids outside, ...

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How To Choose The Best Camping Knife

Choosing a camping knife

The web is full of discussions about the right knife. You’ll find endless, heated battles in forum after forum about the best steel, handle, blade shape, length, and so on. My goal here is to help you choose the best camping ...

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An Easy Way To Pack Kitchen Knives For Camping

packing kitchen knives

Here’s a problem a lot of campers run into: Camp cooking requires knives You already have kitchen knives Kitchen knives don’t have sheaths Since you can’t just toss a bunch of sharp kitchen knives in a camp box, here’s an ...

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Birch Bark Fire Starter

Birch bark firestarter

If you have birch trees where you live you’re in luck – you can fill a baggie with birch bark fire starter for free. It’s highly water resistant, and has lights easily due to it’s resin content. Birch bark also ...

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How To Make A Water Bowl For Your Dog

make a water bowl for your dog

If you are a dog owner, you know they very quickly become a part of the family. This means when you go camping, your four-legged friend is jumping in as well. We have done some tips on the Tips for ...

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How To Easily Secure A Tablecloth

easily secure a tablecloth

We’ve all gotten to a campsite, realized the picnic table was completely gross and then pulled out the trusty table cloth from our camp box. But we never seem to remember those little clips to hold it on. So the ...

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25 Uses for Duct Tape on Your Next Camping Trip

uses for duct tape

While it is hard to imagine how a simple roll of gray tape could be so mighty, duct tape is famous for its uncanny ability to fix just about anything. If you’re planning some quality time outside – where you ...

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