Craghoppers Womens Madigan 3 in 1 Jacket

Craghoppers Women's Madigan 3-in-1 Jacket

Overview: Craghoppers has brought you a unique piece in their 2015 range called the Madigan 3 in 1 Interactive Jacket. The MSRP on it is $180 and for that price you get 3 jackets in 1. The shell on the outside is ...

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GIVEAWAY! Green Label Organic – Sustainable Threads

[promosimple id=”7dc4″] BONUS! 50 Campfires fans can get $5.00 off their first order by using promo code: CAMP5 (expires 9/17/15) I have a t-shirt collection that might rival the local shopping mall. Every time I come home with another t-shirt, ...

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Northside Apex Mid Boot Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I have big feet. It’s something that’s plagued me most of my life. Even the thought of going to the mall shoe shopping gives me pains in the pit of my stomach. Many ...

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Kahtoola Nano Spikes

Kahtoola - NANO Spikes

Overview: NANO Spikes is a product that is developed more for urban use, pavement, sidewalks, icy conditions where you’re on a hard surface. Icy pack trails also work pretty well, but really it’s more for roads and sidewalks. You can ...

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These Clothes Are the Coolest

cooling clothing

As we roll into the hottest month of the summer, you’re probably looking for ways to cope with the heat. Yes, that chilly AC feels great, but you’re an outdoorsy person! You’re looking for ways to go on adventures and ...

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Mia Melon One Man Outerwear : Kickstarter Alert

One Man Outerwear

We know it’s summer and a weatherproof jacket may be far from your radar, but this is worth your time! Take a minute to consider Mia Melon and One Man outerwear, as they’re about to blow your mind with their ...

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If You Don’t Have A Full Rain Suit For Camping…Get One

rain suit for camping

Is it possible to enjoy camping in the rain? Well, like anything, preparation is key. If you have a full rain suit (and waterproof hiking boots) you can actually have a good bit of fun in the rain. Pants make all the ...

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ECCO Cruise Sandal Review

Ecco Cruise Sandal review

Fed up with cheap, uncomfortable sandals? We at 50 Campfires are certainly advocates for high quality products that benefit those who enjoy the great outdoors. The ECCO Cruise sandal is such a pleasure to wear. After days of testing both ...

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Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes Overview

Overview: New for Fall 2015, the Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated Shoes. One of the biggest obstacles that Vibram has when moving into the colder weather is that they don’t really have anything for cold weather. So you get the whole ...

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Vibram Trek Ascent Overview

Vibram Trek Ascent

Overview: Check out the new Vibram Trek Ascent. For Spring 2015 Vibram tried to get a little bit more of a wide variety of offerings in some of the other categories that they have outside of the running community. So ...

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