3 Great Daypacks Under $100

daypacks under 100

The beauty of a great daypack is being able to use it both in town and on the trail. We’re not hardcore hikers here at 50 Campfires, but we like to knock out a few miles after work as often ...

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How to Pick Your First Telescope in 3 Easy Steps

Your First Telescope Given the different makes and models available, choosing your first telescope can be a daunting task!  Let 50 Campfires walk through it with you step by step! Step 1. Think about what you’d like to see with your ...

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Pop Up Tents and Cabanas – Sun Protection

Feature photo courtesy of Coleman Don’t get us wrong, the 50 Campfires team loves spending time in the sun, it’s one of the many perks to being outdoors! But we’re smart enough to know the importance of monitoring how much ...

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Sun Protection Gear

Summer has arrived, and while the sun is shining bright, it’s the perfect time to highlight July as UV Safety Awareness Month! The 50 Campfires team is here to remind you all about the dangers of exposure to ultraviolet radiation ...

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Festival Camping Gear

Finally, festival season is here! Here’s to good music, awesome friends, and cold drinks to battle the sun! But before you get started, make sure you have the right gear to make each and every one of your trips as ...

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Trayvax Element Mississippi Mud: Review

Trayvax Element Review

I’ve had the same wallet for over 10 years. To be honest, I never thought about replacing it. Sure the stitching around the leather was separating, and it lost its “new finish” but it was still “functional” if not at ...

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RapidPure Pioneer Straw: Review

One of the challenges of being away from civilization is finding potable drinking water. Most camping locations offer clean water for drinking and cooking, but if you choose to go for a long hike or set up camp far away ...

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COAST FL85 Headlamp: Review

I view a quality headlamp as a 100% MUST for my camp box. My rationale is simple: I usually get a few weekends a summer devoted entirely to camping and I want to maximize my time. If I were to ...

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Thule Stir 35L Backpack Review

There’s a progression that happens with any piece of truly functional gear. What once “cut the cake” is often replaced with a precise tool designed specifically for the job at hand. Over the years, I’ve replaced street shoes with hiking ...

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6 Products to Easily Remove Ticks From Your Body

We love the outdoors! Walking through the woods and fields of a nearby park awakens the soul. Unfortunately, it can also awaken a herd of blood sucking ninjas. Yes, we’re talking about ticks. If they didn’t carry things like lime disease ...

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