The Chico Bag Bottle Sling Easily Holds Your Water Bottle

chico bottle sling

It isn’t always necessary to carry a backpack when you head out for a hike. If you don’t need to pack lunch or extra clothing you may want to go without. But you will want to bring your water bottle ...

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The Chico Bag Travel Pack Repete Folds In To A Backpack

chico bag travel pack repete

Sometimes you come across something and it makes you stop and say “wow that is an awesome idea”, well that happened for us when we saw the Chico Bag Travel Pack Repete. It is a backpack that can fold in ...

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The Chico Bag Nomad Tote Is Large And Unique

chico bag nomad tote

The Chico Bag Nomad Tote is a great bag, that will easily haul all the stuff you “needed” to bring camping. It is also cute which is an added bonus! This all purpose bag has a lot of pockets and ...

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The Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag Keeps Your Gear Dry

watershed ocoee

Watershed dry bags have been keeping people’s gear dry for over 20 years now with a unique ziploc type seal. The Watershed bags are not roll down, although you can if you want to save space, instead they lock together ...

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The Travel Chair Joey Is Perfect For Your Next Camping Trip

travel chair joey

Yes, there a TON of camping chairs you can buy, but if you are in the market for a compact, lightweight, yet sturdy chair, then the Travel Chair Joey is the way to go. This uniquely shaped chair is rated ...

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The Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottle Is Pure American

liberty bottleworks

Liberty Bottleworks makes a great all metal water bottle, made right here in the United States. Yakima, Washington to be exact. From day one this company has been dedicated to making great, BPA free water bottles from recycled aluminum. The ...

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Alpine Innovations Spudz, Keeping Your Lenses Clean!

Alpine Innovations Spudz

There is definitely not a shortage of lens cleaners out there, but the Alpine Innovations Spudz is a bit unique and highly portable. The cloth fits nicely right inside a compact neoprene bag. We were surprised at just how big ...

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Alpine Innovations ESP Case Keeps Your Shades Safe & Clean

Alpine Innovations ESP Case

We all know there are a ton of eye glass holders out there. But the Alpine Innovations ESP Case, also known as the Spudz TravelSport, is a little different. The first thing we really like is that it has a ...

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Alpine Innovations Tether Case – Never Lose Your Camera On The Trail

alpine innovations tether case

The Alpine Innovations Tether Case was designed to hold on to your phone, camera, mp3 player etc. Really anything you wouldn’t want to lose or drop on the trail. We think that it really shines as a camera case, and ...

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Stay Dry Under The Huge Innate Carmanah Travel Umbrella

We have all had it rain when we are out camping or hiking and weren’t well prepared. We have had it happen more times than we want to admit. There’s an easy solution, just bring an umbrella. But we tend ...

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