Camping Gear

The TerraLUX Headlamp Kicks Out 540 Lumens To Light Your Way

terralux headlamp

TerraLUX has just released its very first line of headlamps. The TerraLUX headlamp looks as if it was built to outperform competitors with a design that is at the next level. The headlamps are ultra light and are in a ...

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Birksun Solar Backpacks

birksun atlast backpack

When I see the BirkSun Solar Backpacks I feel like I’m getting glimpse of what everything wearable will look like in the future. As solar panels continue to evolve they’ll become smaller, more efficient and more flexible. It’s not hard ...

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Kelsyus Backpack Chair

kelsyus backpack chair

Creating a comfortable place to sit outdoors is a mission that Kelsyus takes pretty seriously. Their product line spans the range from beach to campsite. One of their more interesting products is the Kelsyus Backpack Chair. The Kelsyus Backpack Chair ...

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Kelsyus Canopy Chair

Kelsyus Canopy Chair

We all like sitting outdoors, and if you’re anything like us – shade is never a bad thing. We’ve been on trips when everyone is squished into the only available shade, making things cozy. Kelsyus has your back (or your ...

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White Sierra Insect Repellent Clothing

insect repellent clothing

Everyone is nervous about insects and the diseases that they can carry. Protect yourself with the right clothing. Insect Shield apparel is designed to provide long lasting, effective and convenient personal insect protection. White Sierra has a new line of ...

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TerraLUX LED Conversion Kits

TerraLUX LED Flashlight Upgrades

TerraLUX got it’s start by using their technology to upgrade existing flashlights. They still upgrade flashlights to LED and are able to give more light to almost every flashlight. The LED technology allows them to easily transform an ordinary flashlight ...

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Pick Up the Slack with the Slackers Slackline Kit

Slackers Slackline Kit

The Slackers Slackline Kit is everything you need to get started with slacklining. The Slackers Slackline Kit is made of A-grade rugged materials and can withstand a weight of 800 lbs. The kit includes a 50 foot slackline, a bonus ...

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Slackers Zipline Kit – Eagle Series

slackers zip line kit

The Slackers Zipline Eagle Series Kit comes with a 70-foot or 90-foot zipline that is easily set up at a campsite or in the backyard. It can be set up in 30 minutes with just a wrench and pliers. It ...

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Enjoy Geocaching with the Brand 44 Geomate Jr!

Geomate Jr

Geocaching is a great activity to do while camping, and the Geomate Jr. is a great GPS to use for your adventures. It comes preloaded with 250,000 geocaches covering all 50 states. Using the Geomate Jr. is easy. When you ...

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Ticla Teahouse Tent – Camp Better

Ticla Teahouse Tent

The Ticla Teahouse Tent is the new kid on the block. Ticla is new to the camping market – but backed by a pile of industry experience. Their philosophy is simple – to help people enjoy the outdoors. All of ...

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