Camping Gear

COAST LED Rechargeable Flashlight Is Perfect For Every Camper

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

We’ve all been out camping for the weekend and our 48 hour stay out lives the battery life of our flashlight. It becomes a huge pain to find your way around a campsite or to the restroom in complete darkness. ...

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COAST Flashlights Have It All For Your Next Camping Trip

COAST Flashlights have it all for your next camping trip

The key things you need when camping. Tent, campfire, water, food, flashlight. No one wants to wander around in the dark, trying to find more firewood or use the restroom. There are plenty of flashlights out there and we have ...

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Celestron Nature DX Binoculars – Great Binoculars To Take Camping

great binoculars to take camping

If you like to go hiking while camping, you know the value of a good pair of binoculars. The ones you’re confident will always work when you need them, but also durable enough to let the kids use without worrying ...

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The Best Way To Waterproof Your Tent Is With Water Guard Extreme

best way to waterproof a tent

Most of us have been in this situation before. You go to crawl in to your tent, drift off to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night to a nice little thunderstorm. You finally drift back off ...

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Keep Your High Performance Clothes Smelling Fresh With Sport Wash

keep your high performance clothing smelling fresh

We are definitely in to wearing all of the new high performance materials out there. They are breathable, help capture moisture and can keep you dry. But as you may know after wearing a few times, they start to stink. ...

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Waterproof Your Hiking Boots With SnoSeal

waterproofing hiking boots

I used to make the mistake of buying hiking boots and thinking I never needed to take care of them. I would go out on a hike, in any condition. Soon I would start to realize that my boots were ...

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Build A DIY Air Conditioner For Your Tent For $100

DIY Air Conditioner

This DIY Air Conditioner would be perfect for a hot, muggy tent. desertsun02 posted this great little tutorial on Youtube. Here’s what you’ll need to make it: 5 gallon pail styrofoam liner PVC pipe – 1.5″ internal diameter 2 1/4 inch hole ...

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31 Stunning Glamping Pics

If you can’t go glamping, looking at glamping pics is a close second. The spaces assembled in the pictures below are simply stunning. Enjoy! Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source ...

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Awesome Tents

There are so many awesome tents out there for just about every situation you could imagine. From rustic to suspended to the high-tech – here a few we rounded up for you to check out! Source Source Source Source Source ...

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9 Winter Sleds You Wish You Had When You Were A Kid

Winter sleds have come a long way since the good ol’ wood toboggan. These would have made you the envy of every kid on your block.  1. Snow Shredder $79 The Snow Shredder isn’t actually out yet, but this steerable ...

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