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5 iPhone 7 Features That Outdoorsy Folks Will Love

iphone 7 features

I know, blah blah blah the new iPhone 7 is out. We sat around at work and watched the familiar old spiel as Apple played super cool, well-lit videos of their latest digital love child. I have to admit that ...

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3 Great Card Games for Kids around the Campfire

Card Games for Kids Card games for kids are great for any camping trip. Unlike board games, cards games for kids are portable and easy to tuck away into your backpack. And you don’t have to remember to charge up batteries ...

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Swing In Style With Grand Trunk Hammocks

grand trunk hammocks

Grand Trunk Hammocks make you look good while doing nothing. Hammocks are gaining in popularity every year. This mad dash to chill out means that you might see hundreds of hammocks scattered around your town on an Saturday stroll. With that many hammocks ...

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Bee’s Wrap Is A Sustainable Alternative To Plastic Wrap

bees wrap

Use less plastic by wrapping your food in Bee’s Wrap. Bee’s Wrap is one of those products that I was skeptical about when I first heard of it. Then I started to think about the fact that my wife and ...

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Leatherman Brewzer Review

A Small and Clever Multitool The Leatherman Brewzer is a minimalistic pocket tool that fits easily in your pocket or on your keychain. Although it’s small, it’s really a multitool: bottle cap opener, box opener, flat head screw driver, pry tool, ...

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This Unique Mosquito Bite Remedy Uses Suction

mosquito bite remedy

If you spend a lot of time outdoors you need a good mosquito bite remedy.  The reason you swell up is the result of the anticoagulant the mosquito leaves behind. The anticoagulant is mixed in with the mosquito’s saliva. If ...

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The Puffy Patch Is A More Attractive Way To Fix Your Gear

Nice. You ripped your favorite jacket. That one that looks great on you. Now what? If you’re an active person it’s bound to happen. So what do you do? It will look terrible if you cover it up with duct ...

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Duluth Pack Roll-Top Scout Review

Roll-Top Scout

It was time to up my game as a geocacher. I had a pack that I was carrying on every caching adventure. It served it’s purpose, but was oversized and camouflaged. It had so many pockets, I always spent 10 minutes ...

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3 Great Daypacks Under $100

daypacks under 100

The beauty of a great daypack is being able to use it both in town and on the trail. We’re not hardcore hikers here at 50 Campfires, but we like to knock out a few miles after work as often ...

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Roadkill – The Camping Snack?

We’ve all got our go-to camping and hiking snacks. For some it’s GORP, for others it’s jerky or a packaged junk food that you found at the gas station on the road trip into camp. When we came across the ...

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