COAST FL75R Rechargeable Headlamp : Review

You don’t have to be embarrassed. We’ve all fallen for it. You’re standing in the checkout lane, and there merchandised directly next to you is a two-pack of semi-disposable headlamps. They’re probably less than the drive-thru breakfast you had this ...

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Gearing Up for Field Trip: Bourbon Trail

Clint and Nick sort and pack gear for 50 Campfires Field Trip: Bourbon Trail in Kentucky.

Experiences and equipment are the yin and yang of camping and road tripping. You won’t enjoy the experiences you’re out to collect if you don’t have the right gear supporting the adventure. And there’s no reason to have the right ...

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Best Camping Gear Under 10 Bucks

camping gear under 10

I know that you’re thinking, “Gimme a break. There isn’t any decent camping gear under 10 bucks.” When it comes to larger items you’d be right, but there are plenty of small tools and toiletries that can be had on ...

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The Light Phone: Unboxing And Review

the light phone review

Admit it – you waste too much time on your phone.  In May of 2015 I saw an interesting product on Kickstarter. It was called The Light Phone, and it was billed as “your phone away from phone.” What does ...

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LifeStraw Go: Review

lifestraw go

One of the easiest ways to ruin a long hike is to let yourself get dehydrated. Before long you become sleepy, crabby and will get a headache if you’re really lucky. Because I’m almost always hiking around water, I never ...

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Leatherman Signal: Thoughts After A Year Of Use

leatherman signal

I’ve had a Leatherman PST for over 20 years.  My father gave it to me in high school. He was an electrician, carried one every day, and swore by it. It was a big deal to me then, and still ...

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Dark Energy Poseidon – The Ultimate Outdoor Charger

Admit it: You’ve been standing in line at your local superstore, and have been tempted to buy one of those semi-disposable portable battery chargers for your next camping trip. Heck, maybe you thought to yourself “why not buy two – ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2016: Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker. Gadgets that are more than the sum of their parts always grab our attention – something that is truly functional and easy to operate. We’re not talking ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2016: Braven BRV-XXL

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the Braven BRV-XXL. There are two schools of thought on camping speakers: one being pro-music at the campsite and the other (we’ll call them “wrong”) is against music at camp. Music is ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2016: COAST FL75R Headlamp

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the COAST FL75R Headlamp There are a few pieces of gear that are essential for enjoying the outdoors. This is the gear that will save you in a bind and you may ...

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