Snow Lizard Portable Chargers

snow lizard portable chargers

The Snow Lizard portable chargers are great for anyone on the go that needs to have the ability to power their life. They offer a variety of chargers for all of your needs. They have kept their portable chargers reasonably ...

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TerraLUX Tactical Flashlights

TerraLUX Tactical Flashlights

The new TerraLUX tactical flashlights are precision-engineered illumination tools. The tactical line was developed for self-defense and tactical applications. This line of flashlights was built to handle the most rugged situations with extreme reliability and was made to be water ...

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Incipio xGo for iPhone 5

Incipio xGo

The Incipio xGo for iPhone 5 has a Go Pro compatible mount with a crossover latch that securely seals the case shut. This is a super stylish case that looks rugged and ready for anything, mostly because it is. It ...

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Ace Camp LED Tent Lamp with Carabiner

Ace Camp LED Tent Lamp

The Ace Camp LED Tent Lamp with Carabiner is perfect for providing soft light inside your tent. It easily attaches to your tent poles with the included carabiner. From the package it is ready to go and icnludes 3 AAA ...

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Ace Camp Glow In The Dark Tent Accessories

Ace camp Glow in the dark tent accessories

Ever stepped out of your tent at night and couldn’t move because you can’t see anything and yo may run in to a part coming off the tent? We have got you covered, there is quite an offering of Ace ...

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COAST LED Rechargeable Flashlight Is Perfect For Every Camper

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

We’ve all been out camping for the weekend and our 48 hour stay out lives the battery life of our flashlight. It becomes a huge pain to find your way around a campsite or to the restroom in complete darkness. ...

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COAST Flashlights Have It All For Your Next Camping Trip

COAST Flashlights have it all for your next camping trip

The key things you need when camping. Tent, campfire, water, food, flashlight. No one wants to wander around in the dark, trying to find more firewood or use the restroom. There are plenty of flashlights out there and we have ...

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Build A DIY Air Conditioner For Your Tent For $100

DIY Air Conditioner

This DIY Air Conditioner would be perfect for a hot, muggy tent. desertsun02 posted this great little tutorial on Youtube. Here’s what you’ll need to make it: 5 gallon pail styrofoam liner PVC pipe – 1.5″ internal diameter 2 1/4 inch hole ...

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50 Campfires 2013 Gear Of The Year – Gadgets

There seem to be two kinds of campers. On the one hand, you have people who grab a can of beans and a blanket and they’re off. They have a great time and enjoy the rugged simplicity of the great ...

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My time with the Swiss Army Hunter Pro

I can still remember digging my nails under the plastic lip on the top of my little knife. I was 10 years old, and I owned a knife that had a toothpick on it…a toothpick! My friends were envious, and ...

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