Up Close And Personal With The New Leatherman Signal [26 PICS]

leatherman signal

I’ve been excited about the new Leatherman Signal for what feels like forever. I’ve had an original Leatherman since high school that has served me well for many years. I’ve watched the arrival of other models that are prettier and more functional ...

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Bullet 16 Review and Duracell’s Perfect Pack Giveaway

Bullet 16 on-route bag

[promosimple id=”7dcf”] Those at Duracell have worked with the world famous free climber Kevin Jorgeson, to create a top-notch review/giveaway pack just for you! Included in the Perfect Pack is: Bullet 16 Backpack Icon headlamp AA batteries AAA batteries The Bullet 16 Backpack ...

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Grand Trunk Collapsible Micro Camping Stool

The Grand Trunk Collapsible Micro Camping Stool is a small but mighty micro stool. Small as it is, it can actually support 250 pounds. In addition to a nice place to sit, you have a place to store gear as well. It’s really ...

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Goal Zero Flip 10 & Flip 20 Flip Chargers

Overview: Both terrific flip chargers, the Flip 10 comes in a bunch of different pretty awesome colors. It’s meant to keep your small handheld USB devices charged, whether it’s a head lamp, Go Pro camera, or maybe even your cell phone. They’re ...

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Goal Zero Light A Life 350

Overview: This  is an awesome lantern to have on any camping outdoor adventure, maybe even if you’re car camping or just want great light around the house. It works from the Goal Zero Yeti and Sherpa rechargers. There’s a handy on/off switch on ...

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Mindshift GoPro Case: GP Kits

Overview: This is a whole series of Mindshift GoPro Cases. As you probably know, if you have a GoPro Case, you end up with one camera and 28 different, little pieces to go with it. And you just kind of ...

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Vying for Best Camping Light: Goal Zero Torch 250

Overview: The Torch 250 has really become one of Goal Zero’s bestsellers because it’s available now…today. It’s a “best camping light” besides being simply a little handy flashlight; it has awesome soft touch grip; it feels rugged and like it’s ready to go. Built in ...

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Pocketknives For Everyday


Once you own a pocketknife and start carrying it with you everyday, it becomes another piece of your everyday wardrobe. Never again will you leave home without it. Having a knife in your pocket lets you handle cutting tasks conveniently, ...

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Tame That Flame With The BBQ Dragon

bbq dragon

You’ve probably blown on a fire to get it going at some point, and might have even used a bellows. You knowthat thing you pump open and closed to give the fire more oxygen. They work great, but there is ...

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Champ Survival Sidekick 10-in-1 Multi-Tool Review

Champs survival sidekick

Call it Murphy’s Law, call it bad luck or unfortunate circumstance, but sometimes things go wrong. We like to look on the bright side and find that in times of emergency, there is an opportunity to overcome it by being prepared. ...

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