Kelly Kettle Overview

kelly kettle

Kelly Kettle Stove Overview: The Kelly Kettle makes boiling water in the outdoors quick and easy, even in extreme weather conditions. Any natural fuel can be used to burn and create the fire which will quickly bring the water in ...

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OneLogFire : Backyard Campfire – Review

“Dad, it’s like we have a cabin!” My 5 year old son was excited (to say the least) to have a campfire on a cool fall night in the backyard. In our family, campfires are traditionally reserved for weekends in ...

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Zippo Outdoor All-Terrain Grill Overview

zippo outdoor all-terrain grill

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Coghlan Fire Discs Overview

Coghlan Fire Discs

Overview Coghlan’s Ltd. is recognized as the world leader in outdoor camping accessories. Founded in 1959 and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada; Coghlan’s is a family owned company and has built its reputation on core values of product quality and ...

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StrongVolt FireStick Overview

Overview StrongVolt is one of the industry leaders in solar chargers. They are switching it up with this all new USB powered lighter that can start a fire. What Makes It Unique The StrongVolt FireStick is an electronic lighter. It ...

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FlameStower Fire Charger Overview

flamestower fire charger

Overview Everyone uses a flame while camping, whether it’s a camp stove or a campfire. So why not use it to charge your electronics? With the FlameStower Fire Charger, you can do both. It’s meant to use with your existing ...

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Colorful Fire Review

When you’ve seen one campfire, you’ve kind of seen them all. Unless you add some color to it. Colorful Fire is a fun way to enhance the look of your fire. Kids usually go crazy over all the colors coming ...

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Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter

zippo outdoor flex neck utility lighter

The Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter is the perfect all-use lighter to light any flame at your campsite. This butane-powered lighter powers a soft flame. Features dual-flame technology making this lighter wind proof like many other Zippo products. Our ...

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The Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier Makes Camping Easy

zippo outdoor campfire carrier

As kids we remember getting to a campsite and while our parents we’re getting the tent set up, we went running into the woods to collect firewood. As children we paid no attention to all the scratches, slivers or cuts ...

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Zippo Outdoor 4-in-1 Woodsman

Zippo 4-in-1 Outdoorsman

When you go camping you do not want to carry countless tools to set up camp and explore the area. Finally there is a product made by Zippo that combines four essential tools into one ultimate camping tool. The Zippo ...

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