Eco Vessel SmashBox

eco vessel smashbox

The Eco Vessel SmashBox is a collapsible silicone container that saves space and money. A reusable spork snaps into the top so there’s no need to waste plastic silverware. It saves space when storing at home and collapses to save ...

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Eco Vessel Bigfoot Triple Insulated Bottle

eco vessel bigfoot

The Eco Vessel Bigfoot Triple Insulated Bottle is triple awesome. This 45 ounce bottle keeps beverages cold for 36 hours or hot for 8 hours. It’s 13″ tall and is made from premium #304 stainless steel. It has wide mouth ...

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W.R. Case Hobo Knife

case hobo knife

W.R. Case and Sons have been making knives for over 120 years. This American manufacturer makes premium, hand-crafted knives that are passed down for generations. The innovative Case Hobo knife is no different. It combines the compactness of a Case ...

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50 Campfires 2013 Gear Of The Year – Eat

If you are new to the camping world, learning to efficiently cook at a campsite can be tough. Having the right gear is key to make cooking easy and enjoyable. The editors here at 50 Campfires have selected the 5 ...

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The Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife – Ultra Light For Camping

Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife

The Vargo Titanium Wharn-Clip Knife is a perfect, ultra-lightweight knife for your next camping trip. Weighing in at just one ounce, this knife is simple to carry with or keep in your camping tub. Most of us just take our ...

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Make Baked Potatoes Fast With Spud Spikes

make baked potatoes fast

Baked potatoes are an easy meal, especially while camping. But the downfall is the amount of time it can take to cook a potato. We’ve found a solution that allows you to make baked potatoes fast. Spud Spikes. Just stick ...

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Keep Your Camp Kitchen Organized With The Zippo Outdoor Utensil Tree

zippo outdoor utensil tree

When you think of the name Zippo you automatically think of the lighter, and a good one at that. But that is not all they are good at. Zippo Outdoor has launched a whole new line of products geared to ...

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Ace Camp Kits – Making it easy for everyone!

Ace Camp Kits

Not all campers have a tub with everything they will need for camping. If you are a first time camper or getting back in to it, Ace Camp Kits are a great way to get started with everything you need ...

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My Camp Kitchen The Summit

my camp kitchen the summit

My Camp Kitchen The Summit is definitely the deluxe model. It is designed to provide a large and ergonomically correct prep and cooking space. The great thing about the wooden Summit is it keeps all of your cooking gear right ...

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My Camp Kitchen Outdoorsman

my camp kitchen outdoorsman

The My Camp Kitchen Outdoorsman is a camp kitchen that strikes a perfect balance between strength and weight. It acts as both a storage cabinet and a working area. It was designed tough for campers and allows all of your ...

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