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Apple Cider Recipes for Fall Cocktails

Apple Cider Recipes

The return of fall signifies many things; falling leaves, sweater weather, and…ALL the apples! Whether you’re driving the family to the nearest orchard or bobbing for apples at your kid’s birthday party, everyone can find something to get excited about during ...

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Get Outfitted for Woodsgating


In last month’s magazine, we introduced you to Woodsgating. The idea is simple: Grab your traditional camping gear, sans sleeping equipment, and head into the backcountry, or even the back-40 with your friends and family for the day or even ...

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Terrifying Campfire Stories: Which is More Bone-Chilling?

terrifying campfire stories

In “VS” this month, Matt and Clint square off to see who can concoct the most terrifying campfire stories. Both involve campers in the remote wilderness, so read at your own risk. You might think twice before pitching a tent ...

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22 Stunning National Park Pics From Instagram

Because it’s the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service we’re seeing an abundance of stunning photos from renowned photographers. While these are absolutely gorgeous, we’ve always had a sweet spot for the everyday adventurer documenting their travels on Instagram. ...

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What Does Labor Day Have To Do With The Outdoors?

labor day

Keep this in mind when you’re drinking beer around the campfire this weekend. For most people, Labor Day means an extra day off, which means more time at the campsite and more time in the outdoors. If you were to ...

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Do You Know Woodsgating?


Tailgating is great. Tons of food, surrounded by friends for the afternoon, how could it get better? Well, it typically takes place in a scorching parking lot … We can almost hear that “womp womp womp” sad trombone sound. Call ...

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Amp Your Camp™ Winner’s Gallery

Amp Your Camp

To make yours the envy of every other site in the campground, once again 50 Campfires ran the weekly Amp Your Camp giveaway, presented by Coast and Zip. We even extended Amp Your Camp this year, giving everyone an extra ...

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5 Tips For Stargazing In A Kayak

You’re floating in middle of a lake in pitch dark. The only sound is the water quietly lapping the side of your boat. Above you, a blanket of stars that both inspire you and make you feel incredibly small at ...

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50 Campfires Book Review: Lassoing the Sun

If you decide to read only one book in celebration of the National Parks Service Centennial, “Lassoing the Sun“ by Mark Woods would be a solid choice. Left only with that endorsement, you will enjoy a pleasant, heart-warming surprise as ...

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Camping Trips: The Planner vs. Mr Spontaneous

planning vacations

We all know both types of people, don’t we? We have friends who plan everything down to the last detail, and we also have those free-wheeling friends who seem to be up for anything at the drop of a hat. ...

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