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The Road to Bozeman: Day 4.5

Our last video of The Road to Bozeman series ended with the guys on their way to Old Faithful. During this video, we see see their experience at the old geyser. All the boys seemed to have an interest in ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 4

Some days are more eventful than others and day 3 of the Road to Bozeman mostly consisted of a lot of driving and a quick stop at Mount Rushmore. But now they finally made it to Yellowstone National Park! The ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 3

In the last video, the guys just saw the Badlands and were about to make their way to Yellowstone National Park. After leaving the Badlands, they stopped at a little cafe to fuel up on some chili and burgers. It ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 2

We left with the guys heading to Maquoketa Caves State Park on their Road to Bozeman to stay the night before heading to the Badlands. They got to the park around 9 PM and the first thing on their agenda ...

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Campfire in a Can – The Versatile, Portable Campfire and Stove

campfire in a can

Everyone at 50 Campfires and all our readers have at least one thing in common, we all agree campfires are awesome. However, sometimes problems get in the way and prevent us from having them as often as we like. Maybe ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 1

We left off in our last post with the group ready to head out on their journey to Chicago. As day 0 turned into day 1, it was smooth sailing on their road to Bozeman with the exception of a ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 0

This is the time of year when college students take a deep breath and relax from all of their school work. With classes behind them and summer ahead, a group of 7 ambitious college students from Pittsburgh will spend their ...

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Camping Traditions

Like any other holiday, I give the 4th of July the reverence it deserves. This is one of my favorite celebrations because instead of wrangling a turkey or ham alone at dawn, I am cooking over a campfire with some ...

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Scenic Southern California Harley Ride

Photo By: William Warby If you’re into strapping your tent onto your Harley and riding wherever the roads take you, we have a trip for you. We’ve found some pretty spectacular roads taking you through some of the most scenic ...

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Exclusive Interview with Harold Tan From SunJack


Harold Tan and the World’s Most Portable and Powerful Solar Charger Portable solar chargers are nothing new. As avid campers we have had the option to purchase these gadgets for a few years now to power our devices when outdoors. ...

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