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The Do Gooders Of The Outdoors

do gooders of the outdoors

Not all outdoors companies are created equal. Some go above and beyond to keep our world beautiful and cared for. These do gooders of the outdoors are dedicated to helping the environment and the community through the creation of fantastic ...

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10 Unique National Parks You Must Visit

How many National Parks can you name? Be honest. We’re guessing the answer isn’t all 58. The marquee parks like Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone seem to get all the attention – don’t get us wrong, they’re worth the visit. ...

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Does Earth Day Matter?

We love the outdoors. Given that, one would think that getting excited for Earth Day would be an easy sell to people like us. It turns out, we began to wonder if Earth Day merely pays lip service to environmental ...

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New Adventures

Itasca Crew

The large family meals. The extended family time. The holiday traditions. The fun. Everything we look forward to about the holiday season is behind us and now we’re feeling the excitement and rush of the weather breaking. We call this ...

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Five Destinations to Immerse Yourself in Nature

Havasupai Campground Supai, Arizona If you in the mood to get off the beaten path, Havasupai Falls is a great place to start. With a scenic hike to gorgeous blue-green backwater and some of the most impressive waterfalls in the United States, ...

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Get Lost

2015, The Year To Get Lost When’s the last time you got lost? I mean truly let go from the day-to-day grind and unable to be located from the contemporary chaos? In the never-ending, take-no-prisoners, 24/7 plugged in, forever-online world ...

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Road Trippin’: The Great American Heritage Tour

The great American road trip seems like a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be. The road trip is as much a part of America as baseball and apple pie. With gas dropping to its lowest price ...

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A Taste of Austria

Get Yourself A Taste of Austria What do you get when spend two years filming in the beautiful outdoors of Austria? You get 5TB of footage. And if we don’t say so ourselves, it’s some pretty great footage. Take a ...

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Is Winter Hammock Camping For You?

Why would I want to camp in the winter? Winter camping gets a bad rap. The mere mention of it will get a lot of negative responses: “I don’t even like summer camping!” “I don’t like winter to begin with, and you ...

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Make A Day Of It: A Winter Micro Adventure

winter micro adventure

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean you have to hunker down indoors and wait for spring to arrive. There are the traditional things to do outdoors in the winter like snowshoeing, skiing and sledding but we like to ...

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