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The Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts

Object: Have the fewest points by taking the smallest number of tricks. What you need: 1. A standard deck of cards with the jokers removed 2. A way to track scores 3. 3 or 4 players How to play: In ...

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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss The Lunar Eclipse

On the evening of September 27, 2015 the US, Canada and Central and South America will experience a super rate total lunar eclipse of a super moon. Our friends over at Celestron have put together a helpful infographic showcasing why ...

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Beginner’s Card Game

Slapjack cardgame for kids

Slapjack Age: 4+ Number of players: 2-5 Setup: Start with a full deck of 52 playing cards and choose someone to be the dealer. The cards will be dealt face down to all players until they are all in each ...

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Within Scope

Stargazing with Telescopes

Escaping the grind of everyday life often means leaving the city lights behind, and venturing out into nature. Along with fresh air comes an opportunity many of us overlook. The night sky. We live our whole lives looking down, while ...

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Savoring September Skies: What, When, Where & Why

Camping and Stargazing

Summer is winding down, but it’s still not too chilly to spend an evening camping under the stars. September is the perfect month to spend your nights outside stargazing. But do you know what to look for? We’ve compiled a ...

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120 Minutes to Paradise

Phoenix AZ Skyline

20 Great Campouts Within Two Hours of America’s Biggest Cities… Yes! The kids’ practices and concerts and classes have aligned. So have your work schedules. The camping adventure is a go, but you only have two days to spend in ...

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Tips on Preserving Autumn Leaves

Preserving the beauty of fall leaves is easy with materials you likely have around home.

We’ll soon be enjoying hikes through the woods with all the leaves changing colors – even if it’s only at a local park. You may find beautiful fallen leaves from maples, aspens, birch, oaks, hickory, and more. Challenging the youngsters ...

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The Double Cooler Review & Giveaway!

Double Cooler beverage dispenser

You’re camping out and your cooler has been sitting out in the sunshine for a few hours. You pour yourself a cup and find it rather gross. The ice has melted and diluted your drink. Here to solve this problem ...

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8 Road Trip Games To Make Time Fly

There’s nothing that makes a car ride to the campsite go quicker than a good game that gets everyone involved. Here are eight road trip games that will entertain the whole family during the ride – some even the driver ...

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Zuke’s Power Bones: Energy Treats For Dogs

Zuke's Power Bones

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice long outdoor adventure with your fury four-legged friend, but dogs get tired just like us! To make sure that your pup stays energized and excited for the duration of your hikes or adventures check ...

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