Snacks & Dessert

Walking Maple Cinnamon Ritz Dessert

There’s something that just works about salty crackers and maple syrup. This walking dessert is really easy to put together, and the Ritz crackers could easily be swapped out for the various flavors of Ritz sandwich cracker flavors. This campsite ...

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Teddy Grahams Walking S’MORE

Sometimes even an old classic needs a facelift, and that’s exactly what we did to this traditional S’MOREs recipe. This is our Teddy Grahams Walking S’MORE. Not only is this walking dessert easier to eat, it requires little cleanup – ...

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Walking Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies

Sure, making Rice Krispie bars is pretty easy. Walking Peanut Butter Cocoa Krispies is a blissful twist on this iconic dessert – and perfect for the campsite. If this is your first time using peanut butter powder, go easy on ...

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Walking Golden Grahams S’MORE

Dessert is sometimes the best part about dinner. Here’s a great idea for a walking dessert – that requires little cleanup, and is perfectly suited for camping. It combines strawberries with Golden Grahams cereal – and is a tasty twist ...

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Dutch Oven Bread Pudding With Jack Daniels Sauce

There are many ways to make Dutch oven bread pudding. This one is perfect for making for an overnight camping trip whether you’re staying in a tent, camper, or cabin. And adding the Jack Daniels Sauce is a luxuriously delicious ...

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This Tasty Hot Drink Substitutes Mesquite for Cocoa

Use mesquite flour as a substitute for cocoa powder in this hot beverage.

We call it, “Hot Mesquite-O.” You may just call it delicious. This is an interesting desert substitute for hot chocolate. The mesquite flour has a flavor of its own and built-in sweetness, so it basically replaces the cocoa mix. This ...

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Enjoy These Savory Mesquite Muffins In Camp or On the Trail

The great taste of these savory mesquite muffins goes great any time. Consider muffins and beer pairing?

The most convenient way to take these mesquite muffins camping with you is to make them up at home, throw them in a large zipper top bag, and serve them up at camp, on the trail, or in the car. ...

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Roadside Challenge : Death Valley

It’s already become a highly-anticipated feature of every 50 Campfires Field Trip, and the guys have sampled some pretty unusual regional delicacies – boiled Cajun peanuts and pickled quail eggs in Mississippi, lobster ice cream and brown bread in Maine, ...

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Campfire Chocolate Cake + Fathom IPA

Campfire Chocolate Cake + Fathom IPA   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 25 mins Total time 35 mins   There's nothing quite like the combo of chocolate cake and a cold IPA beer. In this quick campfire pairing, ...

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Red Wine Hot Chocolate — The Perfect Camping Cocoa

Warming hands on mug of Red Wine Hot Chocolate - The Perfect Camping Cocoa, made with Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon.

They are not two drinks that you’d immediately think of combining – red wine and hot chocolate. But if you take a second and realize, “I love red wine. I love chocolate. I enjoy drinking red wine while eating good ...

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