Snacks & Dessert

Walking Snacks : Ultimate BLT

This one will make you fall in love with Walking Snacks! If single serving pita chips are hard to find, the Ultimate BLT works great with mini pretzel knots as the base, too. Use that reserved bacon fat to drizzle ...

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Walking Snacks : Just Say Cheese

Your first thought is this might be cheese overload!!! It’s not. Everything works together here really well and tastes just plain delicious. This is a walking snack you won’t want to miss. Walking Snacks : Just Say Cheese   Print ...

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Walking Snacks : The Walking Reuben

We couldn’t name this anything else, because you’ll think you’re eating an authentic deli Reuben sandwich. It’s that good. One of the best Walking Snacks in the lineup! Walking Snacks : The Walking Reuben   Print Author: 50 Campfires Ingredients ...

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Walking Snacks : Moms Tuna Casserole

While tuna works in so many walking snacks, this one is special because it seeks to replicate that delicious creamy tuna casserole mom made. If you want to make a “warm” version of this, just make some cream of mushroom ...

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Walking Snacks : Trekking Deutschlander

The beauty of creating your own walking snacks is you can add more of what you like and not include what you don’t. Not a fan of sauerkraut? Then skip it. You’re still going to love this recipe either way. ...

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Walking Snacks : Delish Fish Tacos

The variety of tuna flavors you can find in pouches is amazing. No matter what flavor profile from hot and spicy to citrusy and herby is your favorite, you’ll find tuna recipes to your liking. These pouches are the perfect ...

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Pie Iron Whoopie Pie S’more Recipe

toasted in a pie iron, a whoopie pie s'more makes a delicious camping dessert.

As soon as you see one, you’ll realize a Maine Whoopie Pie is a prime candidate for making a s’more in a pie iron. And a whoopie pie s’more is so easy to make. What’s a whoopie pie? It’s a ...

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Banana S’more with More in Foil Packet

this really is just a neat banana s'more in a foil packet

This is definitely a banana s’more with more! And because you make it in a foil packet, it’s way less messy that assembling it like a sandwich after the individual pieces have cooked. Banana S'more with More in Foil Packet ...

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Easy Campfire Dessert: Citrus Bread Pudding In Foil Packets

Beautiful as it looks, this is an easy campfire dessert to serve up.

Yes, this one sounds odd, but it’s an easy campfire dessert you’ll find delicious. Kids will love eating a scrumptious dessert straight out of an orange or grapefruit rind. 50 Campfires has offered a number of recipes for baking campfire ...

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Wondermade Marshmallows Are Truly Works Of Art

Wondermade is the place to go for gourmet marshmallows and ice cream. When we were planning our trip to Florida we found out about Wondermade and knew that we had to stop. How could we not? Wondermade has marshmallow flavors ...

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