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In The Can: Woods Beer – San Francisco, CA

Woods Beer

Woods Beer Company is a small brewery with two locations in San Francisco and a third in Oakland. 50 Campfires caught up with Director of Operations LM Schnaubelt and founder and CEO Jim Woods at Woods Cervecería, located in San ...

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In The Can: Pocock Brewing Company – Santa Clarita, CA


Pocock Brewing Company is a family run craft brewery that draws its inspiration from their English heritage. Unique Brews like Bitter Grandpa, British Volunteer, and Noble Piper are tributes to the English pubs dotting the English countryside. 50 Campfires caught up with Pocock Brewing Company founders ...

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In The Can: Dark Sky Brewing Company – Flagstaff, AZ


Dark Sky Brewing is a microbrewery that draws its inspiration from dark skies & starry nights. 50 Campfires caught up with co-founders and co-brewers Nick Irvine and Ryan Sandlin in the little mountain town of Flagstaff—to chat about the unique ingredients they use in their ...

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27 Grilled Kebab Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water


Just because your campsite doesn’t come equipped with a full kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to limit your diet to PB&J sandwiches and dry cereal. When I go camping I want to make tasty, flavorful meals that are easy to prepare. What’s simpler than throwing ...

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In The Can: Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Interview – San Diego, CA


Founded in 1996, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits has grown to became an award winning brewery. 50 Campfires caught up with Chief Commercial Officer Earl Kight to chat about their nautical themed brews and what set them apart. 50CF: So tell me a little bit ...

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In The Can: Pueblo Vida Brewing Company – Tucson, AZ


Launched in 2014, Pueblo Vida has grown to become a successful craft brewery located in downtown Tucson. 50 Campfires caught up with Pueblo Vida Brewing Co. founders Linette Antillon and Kyle Jefferson to chat about their weekly infusion inspired brews ...

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In The Can: Enegren Brewing Company – Moorpark, CA

Since opening in 2011, Enegren Brewing Company has grown from a 3 barrel brewery to a 15 barrel brewery in Moorpark, CA. 50 Campfires caught up with Brew Chief Joe Nascenzi, Captain of Operations Chris Enegren, and Commander of Finance Matt ...

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In The Can: Seward Brewing Company – Seward, AK

Along the Iditarod Trail and Resurrection Bay is Seward Brewing. 50 Campfires caught up with owner/brewer Erik Slater and owner/general manager Hillary Bean  to chat about how they applied their restaurant expertise to Seward Brewing, and what makes their brews great. 50 CAMPFIRES: Tell ...

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Quick Grilling Recipes to Beat the Heat

These delicious pizzas are one of five quick grilling recipes to beat the heat

Too hot for a campfire? Yes, it may sound like heresy, but some of these sweltering summer days, it is just too darned hot for a campfire! Who wants to kindle, build, light, and tend a campfire when it’s 90 ...

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In The Can: DasBrew – Fremont, CA


In Fremont, CA in the East Bay is DasBrew. 50 Campfires caught up with owners Jan Schutze and Priscilla La Rocca to chat about what sets their award winning, German inspired brews apart and their scientific approach to brewing. 50 CAMPFIRES: Tell us a little about ...

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