Camp Cooking

Bombs Away Onion Bomb Recipe

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, if you are like me and you are beginning to put together your patriotic campfire menus, don’t forget the artillery! Not just fireworks, but bombs. Onion Bombs, that is. The first time I ...

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The 10 Best Vegetarian Recipes for Camping

Are you a vegetarian camper? If the answer is yes, than we are here to help you. We understand how difficult it is to go camping and find simple, yet tasty vegetarian recipes. That is exactly why we have come ...

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10 Easy Vegan Recipes for Camping

Eating an exclusively plant-based diet is incredibly healthy but can be a struggle when it comes coming up with tasty recipes constantly. The struggle is even greater when planning vegan meals for a camping trip. That’s why we’ve come up ...

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BBQ Chicken Quesadilla With Spinach & Onions

chicken quesadilla

When you think of a quesadilla, most of the time you think of the Mexican version with cheese, chicken and some peppers. But the quesadilla can do so much more. We have made a wide variety of quesadillas from breakfast ...

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Southwest Spicy Pico Juicy Lucy Burger

juicy lucy

Sometimes I just crave a good burger. These cravings can happen at any time and need to be satisfied quickly. As we were preparing for a weekend of camping, I got the hankering for a burger. That meant one thing, ...

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Jeremiah Weed Sun Tea Is Easy And Delicious

jeremiah weed sun tea

My camping goal is to make delicious things with little effort. I’m a big fan of craft cocktails but at the campsite they can be a little too much to deal with. At the end of the day I’m looking ...

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Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

woodchuck amber cider

Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider Still Stands Out As A Classic, Full Bodied Cider Woodchuck is still the top selling hard cider in the United States, with 45-50% of total cider sales year after year. The Woodchuck Amber is the cider ...

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Woodchuck Limited Release Summer Cider

woodchuck limited release summer

Summer is here, which means filling my cooler with more refreshing, light brew. I cracked a few cans of Woodchuck Limited Release Summer Cider last weekend at the cabin and was not disappointed! I usually only have one or two ...

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Easy Breakfast Ideas For Camping: Stuffed French Toast

easy breakfast ideas

We go camping to relax, not spend all day preparing meals for our family to eat. But we want to eat well, so we need to find something easy. And by easy we don’t mean cereal. If we’re going to ...

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Pie Iron Stuffed Hashbrowns

stuffed hashbrowns

To me the best part about camping is waking up in the morning, (Although prying yourself away from your sleeping bag can be tough), tasting that first sip of warm coffee and starting a campfire. There is just something about ...

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