Camp Cooking

Preparing Camping Meals Ahead Of Time So You Can Relax

camping meal tips

Camping meals can be approached in three different ways: Throw some hotdogs, eggs and bread in the cooler and hit the road! Stop at a grocery store on your way to the campsite, buy everything for extravagant meals, and bring ...

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Guide To American Barbecue Styles

Barbecue is very personal. The answer to who makes the best barbecue is based on where the person you ask is from. To understand barbecue styles is to understand what barbecue is. Real old school barbecue happens when you place ...

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Game Plan Hash Recipe

hash recipe

One of the first thoughts on our brain as we roll out of our sleeping bags is getting breakfast in our bellies. Something delicious, comforting and hearty. That means we usually make a hash recipe. There are a ton of ...

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Burned Butter Trout Recipes

trout recipes

If you’re like us, you usually throw a few fishing poles in when you head out camping for the weekend. It’s always a good idea because fresh caught fish over the campfire is to die for. Especially trout. There is ...

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Eisenhower’s Crusted Trout Recipe With Cornmeal and Fried Bacon Fat

trout recipe

Freshly caught trout cooked over the campfire, is one of the greatest joys in life. If you’re headed out for a weekend camping trip it’s always a good idea to throw a few fishing poles in. We fish almost every ...

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Mulled Wine Recipe For Your Fall Camping Trip

mulled wine recipe

Campfire Mulled Wine By Elliot Manthey Wine was first recorded as being spiced and heated in 1st century Rome.  Roman legions brought wine with them as they conquered much of Europe.  I imagine as they pushed north through France and ...

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Class Up Your Campsite With A Jug Of Manhattan Punch

Manhattan Punch

So I asked a top notch bartender what kind of punch he’d make for his friends while camping… That bartender was Elliot Manthey, and he’s a bartender at Cafe Maude in Minneapolis, MN. He said he had a lot of ...

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Uinta Brewing Wyld

We had the chance to tour Uinta Brewing while we spent a week in Salt Lake City, covering all of the latest camping gear at the Outdoor Retailer Show. We sampled a ton of different Uinta beers and although they ...

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Gourmet S’mores: Bourbon Marshmallow S’mores

gourmet s'mores

During our time in Salt Lake City, checking out all of the latest and greatest in camping gear at the Outdoor Retailer Show, we snuck off for a night of glamping. This entailed awesome tents, tasty beverages, and of course ...

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Fudge Cookie S’mores

It’s weird posting this recipe with only two ingredients, but it is too awesome to not write about. When I make s’mores, the only way I can eat them is if the chocolate is melted too. That is very hard ...

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