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Vasque Lost 40 Men’s Boot Review


I love getting the chance to plug my home state in a product review, and when I got the chance to test out the Vasque Lost 40 boots – I knew I couldn’t pass it up. The namesake, Lost 40 ...

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Hi-Tec Trail Ox Winter 200 I WP Boot Review


Living in the Upper-Midwest, I believe that I have a greater understanding of what “cold” really is. In fact, Minnesota boasts the sixth coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States at -60ºF. Yup, that cold. I was recently chatting ...

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How To Build A Keyhole Fire


We’ve seen it too many times. We’ll be camping with a self-proclaimed “grill master”. The fire is lit, and without delay – our rationed meal is sacrificed to the flames. What could have been a legendary meal cooked outdoors, is ...

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Camping with kids? Here’s a tip for keeping their milk ice cold.


Like many parents, I bring milk along for my kids whenever we take a camping or road trip. Usually packing a gallon into our cooler, with the hopes that it’ll remain safe to drink over the course of our weekend. ...

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Roadkill – The Camping Snack?


We’ve all got our go-to camping and hiking snacks. For some it’s GORP, for others it’s jerky or a packaged junk food that you found at the gas station on the road trip into camp. When we came across the ...

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Using A Tenkara Rod For The First Time : Driftless Region, Iowa


I was first introduced to fishing by my grandfather when I was a young boy. He’d come and pick me up for afternoon adventures catching panfish on a small lake in southeastern Wisconsin. I can clearly remember sitting at the ...

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NEMO Equipment Wagontop 8p Tent Review


Sometime around the middle of May, I decided that I was going to take my entire family of four camping for Fourth of July weekend. My wife, my six year old son, my three year old daughter and our two ...

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Marshmallow / Wine Pairing Guide


There are some things that just shouldn’t be done…or should they? We recently had the bright idea to attempt pairing campfire toasted marshmallows with their ideal wine counterparts. The idea of roasting the perfect ‘mallow – and combining it with ...

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Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Pro Lite Hiking Boots: Review


Living the majority of my life at sea level, it’s a rare opportunity to field test gear at any sort of altitude. Recently, a handful of us from 50 Campfires took a 10 day adventure – spending time between Western ...

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Special : Outdoor Fathers Day Gift Guide


I take special pride in putting together this list of products I’d be excited to receive on Father’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the handmade pottery and saplings-from-seeds in Dixie Cups … but, I really appreciate things that ...

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