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Growing up in the northwoods of Wisconsin definitely cultivated my love for the outdoors. My idea of the ultimate weekend? Put me in a kayak floating down a winding river casting for smallmouth with provisions for a long weekend camping.

Trayvax Element Mississippi Mud: Review

Trayvax Element Review

I’ve had the same wallet for over 10 years. To be honest, I never thought about replacing it. Sure the stitching around the leather was separating, and it lost its “new finish” but it was still “functional” if not at ...

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BioLite NanoGrid Review

biolite nanogrid

We often venture into the outdoors to escape to something simpler. Where we can leave behind most of our conveniences and experience something new. Some things we want to leave behind, such as work or the noisy next-door neighbors, but ...

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L.L.Bean Low Rider Camp Chair Review

L.L. Bean Low Rider Chair

Being comfortable is important in creating new memories outside. It is tough to sit around the fire and tell stories with nothing to sit on. The L.L.Bean Low Rider Camp Chair was designed to solve these problems and allow you ...

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MountainSmith Cooler Tube Review

mountainsmith cooler tube

No, it’s not a yoga tote. It’s the MountainSmith Cooler Tube and it is taking cooler portability to the next level. It’s discrete, easy to carry, and completely frees your hands up. We have had the Cooler Tube around the ...

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Olympia Ex230 Headlamp Review

olympia ex230 headlamp

Headlamps are one of those products that are incredibly important when you need them but you probably take them for granted. I know I have. That is until I got into a situation where I really need one but my ...

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Olympia Z500 Flashlight Review

olympia z500 flashlight

You have undoubtedly owned a lot of flashlights in your time. If you are like me, they usually don’t meet expectations or I end up misplacing them during my travels. If there is one flashlight that you don’t want to ...

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Olympia WD180 Lantern Review

olympia wd180 lantern

With so many lantern options to consider, it can be tough to know where to start. What we consider is a lanterns features, how tough it is, and weight. Olympia set out to make a top of the line, portable ...

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MountainSmith Roll Top Cooler Review

mountainsmith roll top cooler

When it comes to portable coolers, we have pretty much tried them all. We have a few key requirements for any dry bag style cooler. They need to be, well, portable. Are you able to pick up and go with ...

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No Trace Camping Tips

What is your favorite part about being in nature? For some people, images of a snowy mountain pass or a grandiose adventure into the wild come to mind. For others, simply listening to a freshwater creek slowly trickle through their ...

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Does Earth Day Matter?

We love the outdoors. Given that, one would think that getting excited for Earth Day would be an easy sell to people like us. It turns out, we began to wonder if Earth Day merely pays lip service to environmental ...

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