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Alpine Innovations Spudz, Keeping Your Lenses Clean!

Alpine Innovations Spudz

There is definitely not a shortage of lens cleaners out there, but the Alpine Innovations Spudz is a bit unique and highly portable. The cloth fits nicely right inside a compact neoprene bag. We were surprised at just how big ...

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Alpine Innovations ESP Case Keeps Your Shades Safe & Clean

Alpine Innovations ESP Case

We all know there are a ton of eye glass holders out there. But the Alpine Innovations ESP Case, also known as the Spudz TravelSport, is a little different. The first thing we really like is that it has a ...

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Enerplex Jumpr Stack Keeps Your Phone Charged Camping

We live in a digital world, that means we’re running around with our phones all the time. Even when camping or hiking. You will need to keep it charged if you are going to be out for the weekend or ...

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Alpine Innovations Tether Case – Never Lose Your Camera On The Trail

alpine innovations tether case

The Alpine Innovations Tether Case was designed to hold on to your phone, camera, mp3 player etc. Really anything you wouldn’t want to lose or drop on the trail. We think that it really shines as a camera case, and ...

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Camping In Southwest Montana: Vigilante Creek At The Madison Bend

madison bend

Camping In Southwest Montana: Vigilante Creek At The Madison Bend Camp Montana: I’m talking with Roger Lang today. He’s going to tell us about camping at Vigilante Creek at The Madison Bend in Montana. Roger, why don’t you start by ...

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Stay Dry Under The Huge Innate Carmanah Travel Umbrella

We have all had it rain when we are out camping or hiking and weren’t well prepared. We have had it happen more times than we want to admit. There’s an easy solution, just bring an umbrella. But we tend ...

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Sleep Well On The Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow

Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow

There are times when you just want to save space, whether that is when you are camping or on a long car trip. Spending hours packing and unpacking is just not fun. Pillows are always awkward, they don’t stack or ...

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The Innate Outdoor Travel Towel Dries Quickly Camping

Innate Outdoor Travel Towel

Personally we are always looking for small ways to save space when camping, even when car camping. No one likes to spend hours packing and unpacking the vehicle for what is supposed to be a relaxing weekend away camping. We ...

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Camping in Northeast Oklahoma: Elephant Rock Nature Park

Camping Elephant Rock Nature Park Oklahoma Camp Oklahoma: I’m talking with Rod today. He’s going to tell us all about Elephant Rock Nature Park in Oklahoma. Rod, why don’t you get us started by giving us a little bit of ...

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The Coghlan’s Folding Shovel With Saw Has A Lot Of Uses

The Coghlan’s Folding Shovel With Saw certainly has many uses around the campsite. The shovel is great for covering up coals or digging trenches after a rain storm to get the water flowing away from your tent. The shovel has ...

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