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Map Of The 23 Best Sledding Hills In Metro Chicago

sledding hills in metro chicago

We found the 23 best sledding hills in Metro Chicago! Chicago may not be known for its hills. Actually, Illinois has been said to be the second flattest state in the country. But Chicago isn’t letting that hinder its sledding ...

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Map Of The 30 Best Sledding Hills In Metro Detroit

sledding hills in metro Detroit

We found the 30 best sledding hills in Metro Detroit! So picture this: the snow has fallen and it’s a beautiful, brisk, wintery day in Michigan. The way we see it, you have a couple of options here. You can ...

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21 Snow Sculptures That Look Way Too Real


The only thing better than making a snowman and his family to occupy your front yard is making a freaking snow palace. Thankfully, we aren’t the only ones who feel this way. People from around the world host their own snow ...

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2017 Camping Stove Survey


A camping stove is the centerpiece of outdoor kitchens around the country. From basic food prep to full-blown gourmet meals, it’s invaluable when it comes to enjoying meals outside. Now, we’re turning to you – the 50 Campfires audience, to ...

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Step By Step Instructions To Build An Ice Block Igloo

build an igloo

Aaron Cyr is a handy guy who lives up in Manitoba. He owns a really cool business called Local Oak Wood & Supply Co. where he makes all sorts of interesting wood projects. You know what else he’s really good at? ...

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Turn Your Ride Into A Instant Chill Zone With This SUV Air Mattress


We’ve all envied those pictures of the cool Volkswagen vans on the beach with the back open, right? I know I have, and it always looks heaven to me. I’m not going to be buying another Westfalia anytime soon so ...

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10 Merino Wool Garments You Can’t Camp Without

Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit

Just last winter, we headed out on what would be an all day snowshoeing excursion. We were under-dressed, froze our butts off, and spent hours trying to regain feeling in parts that should never lose feeling. Moral of the story, ...

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In The Can: Kulshan Brewing Company – Bellingham, WA

Kulshan Brewing

“Within about 2 minutes of hiking we began grabbing hemlock branches to use as defense weapons.” Chris Noskoff, owner of Kulshan Brewery, is referring to a grudge match he and his daughter had against the most awful black flies Alaska ...

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Magazine Catch Up


You can now binge read EVERY issue of the 50 Campfires Magazine without searching through your email. We’ve included all of the covers which are linked to that particular issue. Go nuts; we hear reading is good for you or ...

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Parks Project Interview – Keith Eshelman, Back On the Line

Parks Project interview

What’s to come… “Working with more parks, supporting more projects, finding new ways to connect with more people, and blending product, education, and philanthropy with a dash of #radparks on top.” It’s easy to enjoy the outdoors and forget about ...

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