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amp your camp

Amp Your Camp

Thank you for participating in our 14 Week Giveaway this Summer (June 2-September 8). We’ll be back in the Summer of 2015 to Amp Your Camp!

We worked with some great brands this summer that are always worth checking out!

amp your camp

1. Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier

The Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier is made tough, with a really wide opening to stack more than an armload of firewood for easy carrying. We’ve found quite a few uses for it from hauling firewood to helping us all gear from the car to the campsite. Watch the video review here.

chico bags travel pack

2. Chico Bag Travel Pack

Maybe there is a time you didn’t plan on acquiring new things on a bike, hiking or camping trip. Chico Bags Travel Pack is a great solution for the unexpected. An attachable pouch smaller than the size of a football helps you stash this gem away until the time of need. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

3. LightSpeed Outdoors Sleeping Pad with Pillow

The Lightspeed Outdoors Sleeping Pad is the perfect choice for backpacking, car camping, or sleepovers. To inflate just unscrew the valve and the pad starts to automatically inflate. The built-in pillow will keep you comfortable and the elevated side-rails will help keep your sleeping bag centered on the camping pad. Watch the video review here.

bubi bottle

4. Bubi Bottle

The Bubi Bottle can be used for so many things, other than being just a general water bottle, we have used it to hold hot chocolate, we have froze it to use as extra ice in the cooler, we have even used it to waterproof our phones when out on the water.
Watch the video review here.

coghlans led tent peg

5. Coghlans LED Tent Pegs

These tent pegs helps keep your campsite safer with hands-free continuous light that can be angled more than 45 degrees. Watch the video review here.

sandwich and snack box

6. Lexngo Sandwich Box & Snack Box

If you’re out camping or on a hike and want to pack a sandwich, the Lexngo sandwich box is the way to go. The Lexngo Snack Box is a perfect collapsible tupperware for snacks to feed the entire family. Perfect for camping or those day hikes. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

7. OutGo PT Pod Microfiber Towel

The Outgo PT Pod Travel Towel is a great camping towel that absorbs a ton of liquid and fits easily in a camp box. But it doesn’t stop there. The PT Pod actually folds in to itself so you don’t have a bag to deal with, it also has a zippered pouch and a headphone slot. With the snap loop this is a great towel to take hiking. Watch video review here.

amp your camp

8. Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter

The Zippo Outdoor Flex Neck Utility Lighter is the perfect all-use lighter to light any flame at your campsite. This butane-powered lighter powers a soft flame. Features dual-flame technology making this lighter wind proof like many other Zippo products. Watch the video review here.


9. Smart Sleeves Smartphone and iPad Sleeves

We bring our phone everywhere. It can be an expensive mistake to not prepare to protect them from the outside elements. SmartSleeves clear protectors in all sizes that keeps water, dust, dirt, and grime away from your expensive smart phone or tablet. Watch the video review here.

4-in-1 Woodsman

10. Zippo Outdoor 4-in-1 Woodsman

When you combine four essential tools into one, you get the ultimate camping tool. The Woodsman contains an ax, saw, mallet and tent stake puller to create the ultimate survivor tool. Perfect for the campsite or out on the trail the Woodsman has it all to get a fire started and your tent set up. Watch the video review here


11. Vargo Titanium Swing Blade Tool

This multi tool, that fits inside your wallet, has a razor blade, bottle opener, large flathead screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver and keyring hole. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

12. Case Knives Hunter Trapper Knife

The Case Knives Trapper Hunter has a beautiful natural jigged amber bone handle – truly beautiful. This knife is equipped with everything you need for hunting, camping and anything outdoors. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

13. Zippo Outdoor Emergency Fire Starter

Survival tools are a hot item right now. Some people want them because they like the cool factor, while others are serious about survival and having the right set of gear. The Zippo Outdoor Emergency Fire Starter is both stylish and useful. It is practical, lightweight, small and can be a life saver. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

14. Sunday Afternoon Hats

The first thing you notice when you put a Sunday Afternoons hats are how light and comfortable they are. Sunday Afternoons produce sun protection hats in over 70 different styles. With a UPF 50+ rating they are recommended by dermatologists and the American Melanoma Foundation. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

15. Zippo Outdoor Utensil Tree

The Zippo Utensil Tree provides the perfect solution to keep your utensils, spices, and condiments at your fingertips, but out of your way and up off the ground. When you’re at a campground you usually have one of those no-frills iron grills on a single post. There is no place to put anything. That is why we love the Utensil Tree. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

16. Snow Lizard SLPower 11

You know the feeling. It’s only 2pm and your phone is already at 15%. How can that be? This is why it’s nice to have an external battery like the Snow Lizard SLPower 11. At 11,000 mAh there is enough juice to charge your iPhone about 5 times – AWESOME. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

17. Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern

You can drop it, toss it or soak it, but the Zippo Outdoor Rugged Lantern will keep on working to ensure you have a bright light to illuminate your car-camping adventures. The Rugged Lantern has a rechargeable battery, 4 different light settings (high, medium, low, and SOS). It was built tough to last you multiple seasons. Watch the video review here.

amp your camp

18. White Sierra Trabagon Rain Jacket

The White Sierra Trabagon Rain Jacket is made out of some of the best waterproof and lightweight material on the market. With vents to provide breathability and an adjustable hood the Trabagon Rain Coat is the perfect summer rain jacket. Watch the video review here.

eno doublenest hammock

**BONUS** eno Hammocks Coupon

This week eno is giving the lucky winner of the contest, 60% off the purchase of an eno hammock. They make high quality hammocks that will last a long time. This is an incredible deal to get an awesome hammock for a great price. Watch video review here.